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**NEW** Fine Art Giclée Print on Canvas - 'Brumby Catch'


Stockman's Challenge

An action sepia photograph of a modern, Man from Snowy River, performing a Brumby Catch.

The Horsemanship Story

            As an experienced action photographer, I am always amazed that even though horses are galloping and involved in a contest, their eyes often appear to be looking at me. It seems natural that they are used to negotiating hazards at speed!

            An expert in this Stockman’s Challenge event is David Mitchell of Tooma NSW, who is revered for his arena hand-catches, whether on a straightaway or bend. These are executed at full tilt by drawing to the shoulder of the brumby and with split-second timing - placing the halter swiftly over the head and deftly, pulling back to tighten it - before the brumby baulks backwards or sideways, to try and escape.

            In this image, 'the critical moment' is captured as the halter is swung onto the head of the brumby in perfect position for the extended rope loop to drop down, over the nose, so that it can then be drawn tight for a safe and secure catch. The skill and training of the stock horse is paramount in holding its position, shadowing the wild brumby at speed but it will also react to the rider’s cues in an instant.

            As soon as the brumby realises the constraint by the stockman, it can rear or twist on the lead but is given more rope that is seen coiled through the rider’s belt. Then the experienced stockman starts to turn the brumby on an ‘inside circle’ to reduce its pace, doing diminishing rounds and gaining more control – culminating in a walk and finally, demonstrating a forward lead. All done in less than three minutes!

The Print Style

            Brumby Catch is an ‘antiqued’ sepia tone action portrait. It is shot at eye-level to the horses in strong midday light with the background adapted to both visually frame and emphasise the dramatic action. Printed professionally as an inkjet Giclée print on premium canvas, which is hand-stretched on a high quality timber moulding. Then coats of protective UV treatments are applied to ensure a stable archival quality fine art product. It is easy-care, only requiring dusting with a soft cloth and is fitted with d-hooks ready to hang.

Artist’s Proof of Stretched Canvas Size: 107H x 85W x 3.5Dcm (42 x 34 x 1-3/8in).

James Vereker – Photographer & Writer ©2021

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