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**NEW** Fine Art Giclée Print on Canvas - 'Brumby Love'


Wondrous Eyes

An intimate 'life-size' double-portrait black and white photograph of wild brumby ‘lovers’.

The Brumby Story

            A day spent tracking wild brumby mobs on Shanks’ pony in the High Country can have its hazards and rewards as a wildlife photographer. It is a unique and slightly unnerving experience to encounter wild horses at such close quarters – to be, both vulnerable and yet trusting – just like them!

            This inquisitive filly, with her furry winter coat, approached me and was joined by her bachelor beau. The huge black stallion is captured peering down over her as if to say “I am here now and I’ll protect you,” as she coyly demurs - while I crouch with some trepidation, being the object of curiosity.

Observed over a day, their personalities are revealed in the wild mob. She is like a teenager, seen flirting with other bachelor stallions, even ‘play fighting’, rearing with flailing hooves! This soon earns her the ire of the lead stallion, who ‘snakes’ after her, rounding the fleet-footed filly back to the fold.

            In contrast, the four or five year-old stallion is the strong, silent-type, sturdy like a heavy horse but short-backed with a massive neck, who saunters purposely or stands like a sentinel. When danger beckons from an intruder in their domain and escape is imminent, he is powerful in action at the head of the mob and she gallops at his side like a gazelle bounding through the bush.

The mesmerising gaze of these exceptional wild horses is a joy to share!

The Print Style

            Brumby Love is a finely detailed black and white double portrait, shot in the wild from a low viewpoint and in strong midday light.

Printed professionally, as an inkjet Giclée print on premium canvas, which is hand-stretched on a high quality timber moulding. Then it is coated with protective UV treatments to ensure a stable archival fine art product. It is easy-care, only requiring dusting with a soft cloth and is fitted with d-hooks ready to hang. It is easy-care, only requiring dusting with a soft cloth and is fitted with d-hooks ready to hang.

Artist’s Proof of Canvas Size: 61H x 91Wcm (24 x 36in), 71H x 107Wcm (28 x 42in) or a larger impressive 'life size' 91H x 137Wcm (36 x 54in).

James Vereker – Photographer & Writer ©2021

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