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**NEW** Fine Art Giclée Print on Canvas/Paper - 'Snowy River Girls'


Brumby Mares

A colour photograph of brumby mares in the High Country

Note: Copyright Watermark does not show on final print.

The Brumby Story

      Brumby mares are the foundation of wild mobs that roam the Australian Alps. This attractive 'taffy' and 'dappled grey' pair are standing on guard in the windswept high plains... as their foals are lying hidden in the long grass.

The 'alpha mare' or leader... like this grey mare, decides when and where the mob rests or grazes, across the alpine summer meadows that become a rich bounty of pasture after regular rainstorms. These Snowy River Girls with full bellies and sleek coats are in peak condition... with their springtime foals at foot.

Threats to the mob from any predator are assessed by the alpha mare and the dominant stallion, who is often seen bringing up the rear, once she decides it is time to move on, or escape for miles at full gallop. This combination makes it very difficult for a wildlife photographer to get close enough for candid shots - without the mob taking flight into the bush!

The Snowy River District is where AB 'Banjo' Patterson enjoyed riding the high plains and during winter, joined an early Snowshoe Club that was a precursor to skiing.

The Print Style

            Snowy River Girls is a colour portrait photograph taken as a hand-held shot in the afternoon sunlight of the Australian summer in the Snowy Mountains.

Printed professionally, as an inkjet Giclée print on premium canvas, which is hand-stretched on a high quality timber moulding. Then it is coated with protective UV treatments to ensure a stable archival quality fine art product. It is easy-care, only requiring dusting with a soft cloth and is fitted with d-hooks ready to hang.

Artist’s Proof of Size: 71H x 107Wcm (28 x 42in).

James Vereker – Photographer & Writer ©2021

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