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**NEW** Fine Art Giclée Print on Canvas - 'Bronze Warrior'


Hero of the High Plains

A duo-tone photograph of a brumby stallion galloping across the High Plains.

The Brumby Story

            The brumby stallion is pictured thundering across the plain with his mane and tail flowing. He is intent on regaining his wild mob, after chasing off a rival stallion....

His coat is slick from the drizzling rain and he looks almost 'blue' from the reflected sky, while his hoof-beats sound like heavy drumming over the sodden ground. The majestic stallion bears the smears of a mud bath over his shoulder - appearing like a burnished 'Bronze Warrior' that has come to life!

It is a rare moment to capture such fleeting unexpected magnificence.

While busily tracking another wild band beside a creek, I was distracted by the sound of the stallion's thundering hoof-beats drawing nearer. Turning to see him dashing along the far side, I immediately started panning to capture his passage through the long grass - legs rising and falling. I was firing quickly as the 'Bronze Warrior' raced past in mere seconds - covering hundreds of metres and he was soon out of range... as my camera whirred to a halt, storing the prized action images.

Admirers will enjoy the magnificent form of the wild stallion in full flight.

The Print Style

            Bronze Warrior is an action duo-tone photograph, taken as a hand-held panned shot in the drizzle of overcast afternoon light at a speed of 1/250 sec..

Presented professionally, as a Giclée archival quality print on premium canvas, which is hand-stretched on a high quality timber moulding. Then it is coated with protective UV treatments to ensure a stable archival quality fine art product. It is easy-care, only requiring dusting with a soft cloth and is fitted with d-hooks ready to hang.

Artist’s Proof of Size Options: 46H x 81Wcm (18 x 32in) or 28H x 127cm (28 x 50in).

James Vereker – Photographer & Writer ©2021

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