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**NEW** Fine Art Giclée Print on Canvas - 'Pride of the Wild'


The Brumby Stallion

An action portrait of a wild brumby stallion in the bush

Note: Copyright Watermark does not show on final print.

The Brumby Story

      'Wilderness' holds a primal attraction... with the quest for freedom and adventure at its core. 'Pride' for a brumby stallion of the Snowy Mountains is often about survival... in sub-zero winter conditions, or fleeing from summer wildfires and of surviving seasons of fighting against rival stallions - sometimes 'til the death.

'Wildness' is expressed in the windswept knotted mane of the grey stallion - splayed across the proud arc of his neck. The powerful shoulders and hindquarters attest to his athletic ability in rearing to fight and defend his herd, while the array of 'corn marks' or dark blemishes on his coat, belie the many battles he has endured and nicks sustained galloping through the scrub. His offside front leg is raised, as if on a dressage cue, to pivot and twirl aside, before trotting to rejoin his mob... through the blooms of the summer meadow at his feet.

Summer pastures in the High Plains are a rich bounty for the wild horses that roam the Australian Alps. The stallion can oversee his mares grazing with feed up to their bellies and stand guard as foals frolic or sleep in the noonday sun - only interrupted by an occasional bushwalker, fisherman or horse rider.

Over endless hours of tracking - without the vigilant stallion taking flight and leading the mob into the bush - a rare chance is taken to capture a unique action portrait.

Admirers can proudly enjoy this majestic brumby stallion on their wall.

The Print Style

            Pride of the Wild is a colour action photograph taken as a hand-held shot in the afternoon light of the Australian autumn in the Snowy Mountains.

Presented professionally, as a Giclée inkjet print on premium canvas, which is hand-stretched on a high quality timber moulding. Then it is coated with protective UV treatments to ensure a stable archival quality fine art product. It is easy-care, only requiring dusting with a soft cloth and is fitted with d-hooks ready to hang.

Artist’s Proof of Size: 71H x 107Lcm (28 x 42in).

James Vereker – Photographer & Writer ©2021

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